Rapper Saucy Santana Disses Natural Black Women …. For Not Getting A BBL … ‘She’s Not A BAD B**TCH’

Tiffany Brockworth |

Rapper Saucy Santana is known for making controversial comments about Black women – but the rapper may have now officially gone too far. Media take Out learned that Saucy was caught on camera disrespecting a Black woman – because she chose NOT to undergo BBL surgery.

Saucy was caught on video discussing the woman, as she stood within earshot of the rapper. In the video, Saucy can be seen judging the woman, saying that she’s not a “bad b**ch” because she “doesn’t even have a BBL.”

The woman embarrassingly walked off with her head down, after hearing Saucy’s comments.

But the slick talking rapper didn’t seem phased by her embarrassment.


Saucy is an American rapper. He began his career as a makeup artist for the hip hop duo City Girls, and soon after embarked on a recording career in February 2019 with his debut single “Walk Em Like A Dog”. Meanwhile, he became a recurring guest on the reality television franchise Love & Hip Hop: Miami. In 2021, Santana gained further prominence when his singles “Walk” and “Here We Go” spawned viral challenges on TikTok. That same year, he released the song “Material Girl,” and later released the song’s remix “Material Gworrllllllll!” (with Madonna).

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