Rapper Roddy Ricch’s BABYS MOTHER Is Accusing Him … Of Being A DEADBEAT DAD!!!

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Media Take Out has learned that rapper Roddy Ricci’s baby’s mother, Alexandra Kiser is asking a Los Angeles County court to give her custody of the former couple’s 3-year-old son. In new legal documents, Alexandra claims she has been completely cut off financially by the rapper, and was kicked out of the rapper’s home

In the legal filing, Alexandra asks the court to establish paternity and force Roddy to provide child support to his son. She is asking for $20,000 a month.

And there’s more. The child’s mother accuses Roddy of being an absentee father, alleging, “Since his birth, I alone, spend 98% of the time with him while Rodrick lives his life without any regard to his parental obligation or responsibility to spend time with Kadence. Rodrick misses important holidays with him including this past holiday season. Instead, he took friends to Dubai and the Maldives on a pleasure trip. I was hurt to find out on Christmas Eve when he came back from his trip that he hadn’t gotten or planned anything for our son for Christmas.”

She adds, “Recently, he moved into the gated compound where he has leased the house where our son and I currently live and has only spent 3 full days with Kadence thus far and that has been since January/early February. I don’t know the exact date because Rodrick hid the fact that he moved down the street from us, had a party with his entire family in attendance and his son was not. He now asks if I could move out by this May or if he’ll give me a 6-month extension to move after I expressed to him that I felt uncomfortable about the way he moved into our gated community, just mere houses from us, and then tried to keep it a secret.”

She also makes allegations of his gang affiliation and drug abuse.

“Rodrick Moore is gang affiliated. He has been arrested on a gun charge, domestic violence and regularly indulges in promethazine use all of which are concerns for myself and our son,” she writes.

She is asking for sole custody.

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