Rapper Rick Ross Show Off 10lb Crab!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Rick Ross hopped on social media to show off a massive 10lb crab he was about to cook and eat…all by himself.

“It’s the Biggest Bawse, Ricky Rozay. I know how to deal with all you crab n-ggas, ya heard me? I’m a boil you [in] heavy garlic and butter. Heavy butter, ya heard me?” said Rozay.

“Okay, so what you just seen was a 10-pound Norwegian red king crab that I’m a have later on in the day after it’s boiled and simmered at the right temperature with the perfect amount of butter and garlic, and I’m gonna top it off with a glass of the finest Rosé in the world: Luc Belaire Rosé,” he continued, using the opportunity to plug his alcohol brand.

Rozay often flexes on the Gram.

Last week, he showed off his new $20 million that took three years to make.

“This is the billionaire,” he said in the clip. “From my perspective, it’s a beautiful thing. It’s a beautiful moment. This is an amazing timepiece. It took over three and a half years to collect the stones. These are not emerald green stones. These are Tsavorites.”

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