Rapper Polo G Boasts About Moving Around The City Without Security

Tiffany Brockworth |

Polo G posted a video of himself walking around the streets of California without security. The rapper says he’s the only rapper who can do this.

“Walking down the strip on my lonely,. I ain’t lacking, though. Glizzy on my hip, I ain’t lacking, though. On my kids. You know just how I’m coming. The only rapper you know that pop out dolo, no security. On my baby,” he said.

Fans blasted the rapper in the comments:

“In no way , shape , or form is this something to brag about. Be happy with the life you’ve been blessed with and stop trying to act hard,” one follower wrote.

“What sort of clout are you aiming for when you tell the Twitter world you alone but no lacking? Asking for a friend,” another follower asked.

A third commentor added, “Beverly Hills is a super peaceful place Go back in Starbucks! We all meet that same millionaire down the street for the bag.”

Was this a smart thing to do?

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