Rapper Nuskii Da Menace Does Satanic Ceremony Over Dead Opp … Burns Items, Candles & Chants!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Nuskii Da Menace, a popular Atlanta rapper is going viral, for allegedly performing a satanic ceremony to commemorate the m*rd*r of one of his opps, Media Take Out has learned.

In his new music video, entitled Dem N***as, the Atlanta rapper is seen burning a t-shirt which commemorated the death of one of his rivals. But that’s not all. While Nuskii burned the t-shirt, he was surrounded by candles and he and his homies were chanting in an indiscernible language.

Wow, what is going on with hip hop these days.

Nuskii is not the only rapper who has been accused of satanism.

After headlining the 2023 international hip hop music festival “Rolling Loud” in California, rapper Symere Bysil Woods, more commonly known as Lil Uzi Vert, faced severe criticism for allegedly promoting Satanism. The artist’s performance, which included visually jarring images, such as photos of weapons and people covered in blood and lyrical references to Satan, led to heated debates among fans and critics. While fans defended the rapper’s performance, others believed the act was offensive and inappropriate.

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