Rapper Mystikal’s Side Of Story: Claims It Wasn’t Rape … They Were In A Relationship For 20 Yrs!!

The details surrounding rapper Mystikal’s dark arrest stunned the hip hop world. The rapper is being held without bail and charged with attacking and brutally s*xually assaulting a woman.

Mystikal, real name Lawrence Tyler, 51, of Prairieville, was booked Sunday afternoon on first-degree rape, simple robbery, felony domestic abuse battery by strangulation and two other counts sheriff’s deputies said.

According to charging documents, the victim told police that Mystikal held her against her will and raped her. Then, according to the victim, Mystikal reportedly doused her with alcohol and prayed over her.

We spoke with two people who know Mystikal and claim to know the victim also – and they say it wasn’t rape.

According to Mystikal’s pals, the rapper and the alleged victim were in a ”relationship” for nearly 20 years, and the pair share ongoing responsibilities .

Media Take Out will not disclose what Mystikal’s friends told us about the nature of their relationship or the ongoing responsibilities, because the alleged victim is entitled to privacy at this time.

But we confirmed that prosecutors and police are aware of the apparent relationship between the two. Prosecuting rape cases where the accused and alleged victims have relationships such as the one that Mystikal and the victim have is extremely difficult.

The friends also told Media Take Out that the rapper is ”100% innocent” and that they expect the alleged victim to drop the charges eventually.

The friend explained, ”I cant say what happened but it wasn’t rape. They have a history and [redacted]. No way.”

The friend added that they hold out hope that when ”everything calms down” the victim may drop charges.

If the charges do get dropped, as Mystikal’s pals believe will eventually happen, it would make the second time that Mystikal was accused and then released from a rape charge. On August 21, 2017, Mystikal turned himself into the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Department after a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was subsequently charged with rape. He was held at the Caddo Correctional Center on a $3 million bond until February 14, 2019, when he was able to post bond.

On December 17, 2020, the rape charges were dismissed due to lack of evidence.

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