Rapper MGK Tattoos His Skin BLACK…

Lyndon Abioye |

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly hopped on social media to show off his new tattoo.

The former Bad Boy artist tattoed his arms and most of his torso with jet-black ink. “For spiritual purposes only,” he captioned the post, tagging his tattoo artist Roxx.

Fans has mixed reactions in the comments section.

“Ugh. I wish u didn’t do that. I loved ur tattoos. I hate when people comment on tattoos (I have 15) but I feel like this is a cry for help. You continuously keep doing dramatic drastic things to erase who you were in the past it seems like. Idk man. I love u but this is a lot,” one follower wrote.

Another fan wrote, “This man could fart in a microphone for 20 minutes and I’d listen to the whole thing. There’s no hate over here.”

Some of his old stomach tattoos remained in tact but fans speculate he may soon cover his entire body with black ink.

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