Rapper Malik Yusef Claims Kanye West’s Twitter Rants Were For DRAKE!!

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Kanye West was banned from Twitter after he unleashed a series of rants against the Jewish community.

The rapper also lost deals with Adidas and GAP.

According to rapper Malik Yusef…his rants were really aimed at Drake, who has a Jewish mother.

During and interview with the Today With Francis podcast, Malik said:

“I think they were for Drake. That’s what I think. I don’t know who else you would say that was. I have never directly worked with Drake ’cause Kanye asked me not to. He said, ‘Please don’t go work directly with Drake.’ I said, ‘Okay.’ ‘Cause Kanye’s brother, but I love Drake too, though. He asked Travis [Scott] the same thing, but Travis said no.”

Yusef continued, “He’s saying he’s attacked by the Jews. I don’t f-cking know. I see him with Jewish people all the time. One night, when he was going through that rant, he was in a car with a Jewish dude, so I don’t know, man. I think it’s all entertainment. He’s an entertainer, he’s born to be an entertainer, and I think that’s what this sh-t is.”

Yuself claims the beef is one-sided and that Drizzy loves Ye.

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