Rapper Khia To Black Women: Find A Man That Makes $30K … Rich Men Only Give D**k & Disease

Tiffany Brockworth |

Female rapper Khia is going viral, after she created a video where she encouraged Black women to date working class men making $30,000 a year or less.

According to Khia, Media Take Out confirmed, too many women are chasing F** N***as, whom she claims will bring the women “nothing but d*** and disease.”

Khia is known for making outlandish comments online, and trolling her fans. And this time, it’s not clear whether she was being serious – or just joking around.

But the comments seemed to have struck a nerve in Black Twitter, and has sparked a pretty heated debate, between men and women.

Most Black women recognize that Khia is making harsh generalizations, and trying to shame women into lowering the standards they set for themselves, and their future mates.

But many Black men, are taking Khia’s words to heart – and using them in a Kevin Samuels way – to go after Black women.

Listen to Khia explain her point of view.

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