Rapper Fredo Bang Denies Rumor He Paid $35k To Sleep w/ Jada Kingdom

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Fredo Bang has finally responded to rumors he paid $35,000 to sleep with dancehall artist Jada Kingdom.

According to Fredo, he “loaned” Jada Kingdom money to fight against her deportation.

In 2022, Asian Doll made the allegations and claimed that Jada admitted to sleeping with Fredo for $10,000 but Jada then claimed it was “actually 35k USD.”

Fredo insists he “never paid for no yams.”

“I loaned her some money one time. I was in jail when I did it… She needed it for something dealing with deportation or whatever,” he said on the Hofessions podcast.

“I wasn’t dating nobody, but we was real tight,” he said. “We were real cool but she needed it for something dealing with deportation.”

He says Jada has not paid him back yet but says she only owes him about $6,000 and not $35,000. He says he was upset she did not shut the rumor down.

“When it first happened, we had talked super, super briefly, but she had stopped replying,” he said. “I don’t know where the confusion came in at, and I’m very upset that she ain’t clear it up.”

Jada Kingdom is currently dating rapper Pardi Fontaine.

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