Rapper Dee-1 Can’t Wait To “Hug” Joe Budden

Lyndon Abioye |

Rapper Dee-1 has been beefing with Joe Budden for month but during an appearance on Big Loon’s It’s Up There podcast, he said he wants to move on from the beef.

“I’m not gonna get bullied by someone who feels like, ‘Well, I have a bigger platform than you, I am just going to talk down on you’. I literally got a book that’s about not getting bullied and how to overcome it. I wrote this for kids! This is a children’s book, bro, that’s teaching them how to interact with one another even though they may have differences,” he said.

Dee-1 called out a few rappers in the industry for promoting toxicity but Budden clapped back, calling Dee-1 a “clout chaser.”

Dee-1 continued: “Me and this dude on the cover who used to bully me, all these years later we best friends, bro … So, that’s why I’m looking forward to… dawg, I can’t wait to hug Joe Budden, bro. I can’t wait to dap him off and tell him, bro, my favorite song from you is ‘Follow My Lead’ and da da da.”

Watch the interview above.

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