Rapper Boston Ritchie Caught On Tape SNITCHING … Damn He’s Telling On Everybody!! (Watch)

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An alleged interrogation video of Boston Richey was leaked online yesterday, and it appears to confirm the rumors that the Epic Records rapper is a whole snitch.

As Media Take Out reported, the Florida rapper went viral earlier this month after vlogger 1090 Jake shared paperwork claiming Richey snitched in two separate cases. According to 1090 Jake – who has exposed snitches in the past – Boston Richey agreed to talk to cops about his involvement in a 2013 case where he and two people were charged with Grand Theft of a Motor Vehicle.

Initially, Boston Richey denied that he was a “snitch” and claimed that he’s being hated on. Media Take Out confirmed that he released a TikTok video showing a series of Instagram messages between the rapper and an unknown person.

“I’m tryna see how I snitched when it completely say I told him nothing that took place had nothing to do with that murder as in him not doing it,” Richey said, referring to the allegations. “N***** just hating on me bruh tryna blemish my image u feel me cause n***** kno I’m da hottest out and ain’t fwh.”

Well yesterday 1090 Jake ratcheted things up a notch. He released the interrogation video of Boston Richie … and it sure sounds like he’s snitching. Richey identifies various players in the case and “name drops” an “alleged shooter” before naming gang members.

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