Rapper BIG SEAN & GF Jhene Aiko SPLIT … Unfollow Each Other … Rumor Mill Says He CHEATED

Lyndon Abioye |

Rapper Big Sean and his longtime girlfriend and babys mother Jhene Aiko have officially split, according to multiple social media blogs read by Media Take Out.

The couple, who have been dating now for more than 7 years, welcomed a son into the world earlier this year. And it seemed like their relationship would last forever.

But something happened, that caused the two to abruptly end their relationship.

Media Take Out has confirmed that Jhene has removed all images from her social media pages, of Big Sean. And the couple are no longer following each other on Instagram.

According to one prominent social media blogger – who has broken news about the couple before -Jhene allegedly caught Big Sean “cheating” and so she split up with him.

Media Take Out can not confirm this report, but we can confirm that Jhene has accused Big Sean of cheating on her in the past. And we know that his alleged philandering has been a sore spot in their relationship in the past.

It’s not clear whether Jhene and Big Sean are split forever … or this is just another one of their break ups to make ups. The couple have separated at least two times before – only to get beck together.

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