Rapper Big Sean ‘Caught Cheating’ On Girlfriend JHENE AIKO . . . w/ Multiple BLACK WOMEN!! (PICS)

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Rapper Big Sean has been dating R&B sensation Jhene Aiko for almost five years. But now a rumor is circulating online that Sean is cheating on his Asian crooning girlfriend.

Media Take Out has learned that a popular Tiktoker is spilling tea on Big Sean and Jhene Aiko’s relationship and claims that Sean is cheating. The tea was spilled by the gossip blogger KlatSCHhh. She’s the same blogger that spread the rumor that R&B singer Teyana Taylor had an alleged drug overdose after learning of her husband’s cheating. Teyana quickly denied that rumor and says she’s never used drugs.

Well according to the blogger, she was working at a Miami hotel when she observed Big Sean renting a room with two beautiful Black women. She later suggested that Big Sean and Jhene’s relationship is “fake”, and that the two have what the blogger describes as a “PR relationship.”

As evidence she posted this picture of Big Sean, with the two beautiful women. Media Take Out has blurred out the faces of the women, because we have not been able to independently corroborate the story.

But even without corroboration, the story is spreading FAST on social media. Millions of people on TikTok have watched the above video, and millions more have seen it on Twitter.


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