Rapper B.G. Ordered To Have All Songs Approved By The Government

Tiffany Brockworth |

A judge has ordered that rapper B.G. have all of his future songs approved by the US government.

Prosecutors requested to restrict B.G. “from promoting and glorifying future gun violence/murder” in songs and at concerts while on supervised release from prison.

But the judge said that such a restriction could violate his constitutional right to free speech and ordered that he must provide the government with copies of any songs before any release of promotion to make sure that they are in line with the conditions of his release.

B.G. was released from prison last September after serving just over 11 years for gun possession and witness tampering. He was originally sentenced to 14 years.

He first let his fans know about the censorship last month.

“Everything worked out in a real G favor man. I just wanna thank ya’ll who been rocking with me since day one. They still tryna censor me a little bit. They don’t want me rapping about snitches so I gotta be real mindful….I gotta be a little safe in what I say and how I say it while I’m on supervised release but for the most part, it’s go time.”

Individuals on supervised release are typically required to “refrain from … associating unnecessarily with” those who have prior felony convictions, among other conditions.

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