Quentin Miller Says Nicki Minaj Was The Cause Of His Meek Mill Beatdown

Quentin Miller says Nicki Minaj was the reason for his beatdown from Meek Mill.

“They come into the store. He says all his sh-t like, ‘You making me look crazy.’ He’s like, ‘I can tell you ain’t on no street sh-t, so I ain’t gon do nothing.’ So I’m like, ‘Iight.’ And he just does a quick turnaround,” he said on the Rory & Mal podcast.

Quentin became a pawn in Meek’s beef with Drake in 2015.

“I’m thinking we good and his man’s came back in with the camera. I found out — and I don’t know how true this is — but I found out that was a Nicki Minaj call. That’s when Meek evaluated you not a street dude and they dipped, I heard when they went back to the car it was Nicki that was like, ‘Nah, run that,'” he told the hosts.

He continued: “Listen, I’m a Nicki fan, my daughter’s a Nicki fan, but that was f-cked up, man! If that was the case… Just finding that out, that hurt even more. Like I’ve never had a conversation with this lady, why she doing that?”

Does Nicki owe him an apology?

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