Quentin Miller Details Big Sean Fallout

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Quentin Miller is now exposing Big Sean who he claims almost screwed him out of a feature on his album.

“Big Sean, man, that really broke my heart. My first time meeting Big Sean was with the ‘Blessings’ song way back in the day, and I remember meeting him in the studio with Drake. So when I get to working with Sean on this last project, What You Expect with Hit-Boy, I’m part of three songs. There’s only six songs on there,” he said.

He said he and Big Sean became close until Sean started ghosting him.

“Maybe like two weeks, a week before the album drops, he’s just not responding to me at all,” he continued. “Then, like a week before I’m in the studio with Hit-Boy, I just randomly hear in a conversation with Hit, ‘Yeah, the album drop next week.’ I’m like, ‘Wait, what? I didn’t even know.’ So then I start hitting them, and then I’m getting texts from [Sean’s] manager. Now I’m only talking to his manager. I’m like, ‘Well, what happened?’ Then the sh-t come out, we still ain’t signing the paperwork or nothing. My name was not on the credits for like the first three months.”

Miller says he continued to reach out to the rapper’s team who at first gave him the runaround but said they would eventually get the paperwork straight.

“That one really disappointed me, man, because I thought dude was solid, and it just wasn’t. The very last text that I sent that went unread, this is October 29th: ‘Thank you for letting me be a part of it, bro. For real, you one of the best to ever do it. You really ain’t have to f-ck with me at all. I appreciate you.’ Bro left me on read. That sh-t just made my blood boil ’cause it’s just like, when am I ever going to get my…I don’t know, man. That really let me down, man.”

Did Big Sean do Quentin Miller dirty?

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