Quentin Miller Calls Out DJ Drama For Not Fixing His beef w/ Meek Mill & Drake

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Quentin Miller, the rapper, caught in the beef between Meek Mill and Drake, says DJ Drama could have helped set things right for him after Meek and Drake squashed their beef.

“I mean yeah it just felt like it was all worthless, it was all pointless. Honestly the Meek thing – I never had a good experience with Meek Mill. I remember one time Rick Ross had me and Mack, Wedding Crashers, had us pull up to The Promise Land and Meek just so happened to be there and he was just mugging me the whole time,” he explained to DJ Vlad.

“I never got positive vibes from Meek. So, I don’t really expect nothing from Meek. But it’s really the Drama and Drake situation. Even Drama and Drake linking back up for the Jack Harlow video and everything. Shout out to Jack Harlow. I don’t got no issues with Jack Harlow,” he went on.

Meek and Drake were eventually able to put the beef behind them but Quentin was left out.

“But it’s just like damn how do y’all do the reunited, we all good without QM? Like I’m literally at the center of the whole sh-t. Then he went on his interview with Rory and Mal and he was just talking about me in past tense like, ‘You know hey man, he was the only one,’ and, ‘Sorry it happened.’ But you’re one of the biggest entities in music. Drake is probably the biggest entity in music. Y’all have the power to fix that. Why are you acting like you don’t? And why are you talking about it this way? Unless that’s how you want it to be? And if that is how you want it to be, then why?”

Is he right?

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