Queen Naija’s Baby Daddy Clarence Is Accused Of CHEATING OH HER … With LATINA IG MODEL!!

Iyanna Muhammad |

Queen Naija and Clarence are the IT couple on social media. The two are all over social media, and are recognized as #CoupleGoals by their fans.

But now there’s some drama in their relationship.

Media Take Out has learned that a Latina is claiming that one of her former friends cheated, with Queen Naija’s man.

Queen Naija’s ex-husband Chris first spoke about rumors that Clarence was cheating on Naija. And now one of the friends of the alleged side chick is coming forward, to tell the entire story of the alleged affair.

The friend exposed the alleged affair on Instagram yesterday.

According to the snitch girl, she and a friend were invited to a yacht party and, while on the boat, Clarence approached her – looking to have a s*xual encounter.

The snitch girl claims that she rebuffed Clarence’s advances, but that her friend – also a pretty Latina – decided to entertain Queen Naija’s baby daddy.

The two allegedly went downstairs on the yacht, and had an intimate rendezvous. The girl claims that Clarence wanted her to perform in a th****ome with the couple, but she refused.

The woman also claims that Queen Naija found out about the incident, and that she allegedly knows about the whole thing.


Queen Naija is a YouTuber, singer, and songwriter born on October 17, 1995, in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. She met her first husband, Christopher Sails, at a high school basketball game in April 2013. Queen Naija broke into the music industry by making a name for herself on her YouTube channel where her viewership now runs in the millions.

But her marriage to Chris ended, after Queen caught him cheating. She eventually moved onto Clarence, whom she told fans was the love of her life.

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