Quando Rondo Claims Female Rapper Stole $10K From Him!!

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Quando Rondo went off on a female rapper who he says stole thousands of dollars from him.

“I ain’t gonna lie a n-gga don’t want no smoke with you lil shawty you got that sh-t. F-ck it. B-tch that wasn’t my money that was yours. You snatched that sh-t out my girl hand and ran when I been bout to hit with your brother b-tch,” he said on Instagram Live.

“B-tch only reason I was calling you was to try and slime your ass and make you think we was cool. Scary ass ho. I got $5,000 for the camera footage so a n-gga can show everybody that I was getting home while this b-tch snatched the money out my b-tch hand and ran. I wasn’t even looking, the f-ck b-tch?”

In the comments, people told Quando to chill.

“Quando dont even do it🤦🏽‍♂️ lul tim cant save u twice” one fan wrote.

Lil Tum allegedly shot and killed King Von during an altercation with Quando.

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