Quad Webb Claims ‘Married To Medicine’ Producers Mentioned Ex-Husband’s Return To The Show

Lyndon Abioye |

In her sitdown with Carlos King, Quad Webb claimed that Married to Medicine producers did not tell her that her ex-husband would be returning to the show and that he would be bringing his new wife.

“No one ever called me. I have no text messages, I have no calls, I have none of that. They didn’t care how I would feel. Didn’t say, ‘Were you even ready for that, Quad? Is this going to be a trigger for you?’ Nothing,” she said.

She continued, “Not even a courtesy call. No one ever said, ‘What do you think about this idea?’ No one ever said, ‘We’re thinking about reaching out to them.’ No one ever said, ‘We know the turbulent marriage and how things went but we still think that this is going to be a good idea for the show so just want to give you a heads up we’re probably going to look to bring your ex-husband and his new love interest on the show.’ No. Not at all.”

Quad says she felt “disrepected” by producers. She has since walked away from the show.

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