‘Proud Black Man’ Dr Umar Johnson Caught At The Mall . . . Trying To ‘Pick Up’ White Girl!!

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Dr Umar Johnson, who labels himself a “proud Black man”, is famous on the internet for a few things, one of them being his negative remarks towards interracial relationships.

Well yesterday the internet star was caught at an upscale New Jersey mall. And he appeared to be flirting with a White woman. The woman had her phone out, and seemed to be entering information – possibly Umar’s information – into her device.


Dr Umar is an outspoken opponent of interracial relationships, especially between Black men and White women. So the video surprised many of his supporters.

Eventually, Dr Umar responded to the video last night. Umar claimed he was a victim of “selective editing” in footage that he said was doctored to suggest he was cozying up to the white woman.

He offered a range of reasons for why he said the video was being taken out of context, none of which were completely plausible.

While he admitted in an Instagram post to being at Cherry Hill Mall on Thursday, he wrote that he only “stopped at a kiosk” where the white woman was working so that he could “view the incense & crystals” on his way out of the mall. “That non-afrikan woman is simply the vendor,” Johnson insisted.

However, Media Take Out confirmed there was no kiosk visible in the video.

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