Prominent Plastic Surgery Blog REVEALS …. Meg Thee Stallion Recently GOT A BBL!!

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The popular IG blog SurgeonMadeCurves, which is followed by some of the most prominent plastic surgeons in the world, is reporting that popular female rapper Meg Thee Stallion recently underwent BBL surgery, Media Take Out has learned.

Megan Thee Stallion

The blog claims that they spoke with “INSIDERS” who allegedly confirmed that Meg recently went under the knife. In the past, Media Take Out has confirmed that the blog has spoken directly with surgeons who worked on celebrities.

So their reporting – at least with regard to surgeries – is usually pretty accurate.

SurgeonMadeCurves has provided photos of Meg’s before & after & stated that based on some of her weight distribution, the beautiful rapper had lipo, a BBL and POSSIBLY even Rhinoplasty.

Media Take Out decided to take a look at Meg’s body parts, then and now – to determine whether we agree with their assessment.

First the claim that Meg allegedly had a nose job. Here’s a pic of Meg taken just before she got famous, and when she was still in college, back in 2018. Look carefully at her nose in the image.

This is what Meg’s body and face looks like now:

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