Producer Alleges He Wa “Blackballed” By Diddy Because He Refused To Perform S*x Act On Him!!

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A hip hop producer says he was blackballed by Diddy for refusing to perform a sex act on him.

“13 years I’ve been exposing this man #diddy no one believed me till now. At that time when you were my age looking as good as I did sh-t he wanted my ass, but homeboy didn’t know I don’t get down wit none of that sh-t,” Prince Motamedi captioned his Instagram post.

The producer says the mogul tried to make a pass at him.

“Diddy tried to blackball me because I didn’t suck his dick. But before investigating, he didn’t know my roots with the music industry and Suge Knight. What goes around, comes around and I’m still here MF. Yall seen the videos today Yall should have listened to @2pac Word to 50cent,” he wrote.

In the comments, fans wondered whether Prince was alluding to Diddy making rapper French Montana give him sexual favors for his deal.

“You think Diddy touched Frenchie Montana?? All them years they were tight,” one follower asked.

French Montana has never made any statement regarding any abuse by Diddy. He has not responded to Prince’s post.

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