Pretty Vee Responds To Rick Ross’ New GF

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Pretty Vee responded to Cristina Mackey’s shade about her relationship with Rick Ross.

Cristina claimed that she has a stronger relationship with Rozay and happily accepts that she’s a “pick me.”

“It doesn’t make me feel any way at all. I think it’s funny. It’s levels to everything, right? And that was never this. Whatever they had is not what we have. Simple. [laughs] You know? It’s no disrespect to anybody, but whatever y’all think they had is not what we fasho have. It’s just not! So, I’m not worried about it,” Cristina told Belt.

She added, “Where’s the pictures of them holding hands and them kissing and them on the jet together and them in Dubai and her on the billboard? Like, where’s that at? Where’s the flowers? Where’s all that? Y’all seen it? No, but like… while we’re on the topic, though, like… show me where he did that with anybody.”

Vee hopped on social media to respond to the remarks.

“All I can do is LAUGH.”

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