Pretty Atlanta IG Model Gets Monkey Pox … Disease Destroyed Her Face Day By Day! (Pics)

A gorgeous Atlanta woman who works part time as an Instagram model is going viral, after she told the world that she contracted Monkey Pox.

And Media Take Out learned that the model gave day by day updates on how the virus affected her appearance. In the first few days, after allegedly contracting the virus, the Atlanta gal slowly began growing sores on her face.

According to the model, who also works at a racetrack, her work environment is often filled with many homeless and destitute people – and she believes that she contracted the virus from handling money from someone who had the virus.

The woman claims that she frequently handles money without gloves, and may have touched her face – after handling tainted money.

She then offered pictures to her followers, to show just what the disease does to a person’s face – day by day.

Here’s what she looked like before the disease:

Here’s how the facial sores started popping up, early after her infection:

Then, the sores got bigger, and way more noticeable:

Than, after about two weeks, the sores began to get smaller and less noticeable:

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