PREGNANT Kelly Rowland Leaves Today Show Before Interview – ‘Became ILL’ (Details)

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Kelly Rowland was forced to leave early and miss out on being a guest host on “Today,” after she reportedly became ill while in the cramped dressing room.

As Media Take Out reported earlier this week, Kelly is pregnant – although she has not yet made that publicly known to any of her fans or work colleagues.

The current narrative surrounding Kelly leaving the Today show is that she “dramatically waked out of NBC’s “Today” show on Thursday morning after the star thought her dressing room was not up to snuff.”

The R&B singer and actress was a guest on the 8a.m. hour of “Today,” and was then expected to fill in for Jenna Bush Hager in the fourth hour as guest host of “Today with Hoda & Jenna.”

Kelly became physically ill while staying in the small and cramped dressing room with her team. And now Page Six is claiming that Kelly left because she was “being a diva.”

We spoke with a person who was WITH KELLY at the Today show, and they told a very different story.

The insider explained, “Kelly got sick while in the dressing room. It wasn’t about being a diva it was about her health.”

While that insider refused to confirm that Kelly was pregnant – she also did not REFUTE OUR REPORT of Kelly being pregnant.

“I can’t say anything more on [her pregnancy] except that what the media is doing to Kelly is wrong,” she added.

The room where Kelly was staying in was small and cramped, which talk show Bethany Frankel confirmed. According to Bethanny the dressing room is “the size of a closet” and all of Kelly’s team was forced to stay in the closet with her.

Listen to Bethany explain the conditions that newly pregnant Kelly Rowland was forced to endure:

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