Potomac Housewife Ashley Darby Shows Off Her NEW IMPLANTS!!!

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Real Housewives of Potomac cast member Ashley Darby recently underwent chest augmentation surgery. The beautiful newly single reality star shared a candid post about her implants, breastfeeding, and an unfortunate mixup involving heavy pain meds last Spring. Now Media Take Out has video – and we get to see the results.

Ashley revealed that she got the surgery this Spring, but she’s been recovering from it ever since. Now she’s finally ready to let her new girls out.

The yoga buff explained her surgery many months ago in an IG post where she was makeup-free in a white hoodie, relaxing at home. “I did get a b**ast augmentation surgery yesterday,” she announced. This wasn’t a snap decision, but one that the mother of two has been mulling over since she had her second child back in 2021.

“I was holding off on [the surgery],” Ashley continued in her Story. “I’ve been wanting it [since] after I breastfed Dylan and things were hanging down to my waist. But I was told that if I got any sort of augmentation that I would not be able to breastfeed if I had children in the future. So that deterred me.”

But — according to Ashley’s MD — there is a loophole. “My doctor said actually as long as I just do an implant swap, instead of a breast lift where they really readjust things, that I’d be fine. So I did an implant swap. I was due.” Ashley first got breast implants in 2013, according to her Story.

Here’s what she looks like now:

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