Popular Youtuber Calls Kanye West’s Album “Unreviewable Trash”

Lyndon Abioye |

Popular Youtuber Anthony Fantano, who is known for his album reviews on the Youtube channel TheNeedleDrop, says Kanye West’s new album is so bad that he’s unable to review it.

Ye dropped Vultures 1 on Friday and the reviews have been mixed.

“This is completely unreviewable trash,” he says in the clip, claiming that Ye’s album doesn’t make any sense.

Fantano also took a dig at Ye’s fanbase.

“Now, there are some people who will say, ‘Anthony, you’re being unfair here. Separate the art from the artist, come on.’ You can’t separate this crap from the music because it’s in the music. Look at the lyrics. Read these words. They have meaning and they are saying things that are not good or normal. You would have to expect me to separate my brain from my skull if you think I’m gonna just ignore it.There is so little to praise on this record. And if Kanye’s delusional fans are not hearing that this record is awful on its face, as they kinda listen to it by themselves, nothing I’m gonna say is gonna convince them.”

Kanye is still facing backlash for his anti-semitic rants last year. While some folks have forgiven, others have canceled the rapper for good.

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