Popular Chicago ‘THUG’ Rapper Accused Of Kissing Transgender … While In Prison!! (WATCH)

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Popular Chicago rapper King Lil Jay is making news, after he was reportedly caught on camera kissing a transgender inmate while in prison. In the video, which was reviewed by Media Take Out, a man resembling King LilJay can be seen hanging out with a trans inmate.

Then the trans-person sits on his lap and the two men appear to kiss.


The clip was shared Tuesday evening (July 18), hours after the late King Von’s sexuality was called into question – after a video surfaced where he can be heard telling a prison guard that he’s “gay.” Bodycam footage emerged online of Von behind bars asking to be placed in protective custody because of his sexual orientation.

King Lil Jay is now addressing the rumors surrounding his sexuality after a pair of videos surfaced online allegedly featuring the Chicago rapper kissing another inmate sitting on his lap.

in a video shared on Instagram, Lil Jay denied being the man in the viral video and claims efforts are being made to “tarnish” his name in light of the recent allegations against King Von.  

“Soon as y’all put dude up actually saying some gay s### y’all would try to put me on there. Look at that s###,” Lil Jay stated. “Face don’t match, tattoos don’t match, body don’t match.” 

Here’s his response:

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