Pop Singer Doja Cat Says She Quits Music … After Yet ANOTHER Twitter Meltdown!!

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Pop singer Doja Cat seems to be having a new mental breakdown on social media every week. Last night, Media Take Out learned that Doja announced that she’s quitting music again.

This is the third time in 2023, Media Take Out has learned. that she announced that she’s done with music.

Here’s the tweet:

Earlier this year, the multi-award-winning songstress announced that she was done with music and not cut out for the superstar lifestyle.

Back in March, Doja Cat told her fans that she’s throwing in the towel on music, following an online clash with fans who criticized the singer for not stopping to interact with fans outside of her hotel in Paraguay where she was scheduled to perform at the two-day Asunción festival on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“I don’t give a f**k anymore I f**kin’ quit I can’t wait to fucking disappear and I don’t need you to believe in my anymore,” Doja Cat tweeted in the midst of a lengthy back and forth with fans demanding she apologize for not embracing their support during her visit. “Everything is dead to me, music is dead, and I’m a f**king fool for ever thinking I was made for this.”

Doja Cat later clarified that while she still planned on quitting, she “ain’t gone yet.” The singer shared an update to fans addressing whether she’d still join The Weeknd on his After Hours stadium tour this fall after hinting at her retirement from music last week.

“I’m not bailing. But me not bailing doesn’t mean my ass isn’t gonna disappear right after,” she wrote. “I still got shit I gotta do. and a lot of y’all think cuz I post a fuckin picture it means I’m not out. Pic doesn’t = music GOOFY.”

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