Police DROP Charges Against The Karen Who Falsely Called Police On Terrell Owens!!

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Last year retired football player Terrell Owens’ neighbor Caitlyn Davis was charged with filing a false police report after she called the cops on him after a racially charged incident.

The woman called police and harassed Terrell, who is her neighbor, it typical Karen-like fashion. Here’s video of the woman harassing the Hall of Fame football player.

Shortly after the incident. Terrell created a petition, asking for the woman to be put in prison. Here’s a portion of the petition:

On August 3rd a woman by the name of Caitlyn Davis in Florida decided to make a false police report and claim that retired NFL player Terrell Owens was speeding in his own neighborhood and as a result she felt “threatened” and decided to call the police. Terrell started recording her until police arrived. Another neighbor chimed in saying he wasn’t speeding or being threatening as she watched the entire interaction.

Caitlyn Davis claimed she felt threatened because in her own words “a black man was approaching a white woman”. Please reference the video for proof of her racist remarks. That in itself speaks volumes on her intent and just reveals her blatant racist mindset. This feels eerily and all too similar to the Emmitt Till case.

This has to stop!! False police reports are punishable by law for up to a year in jail. To call the police for basically him just being a black man in his own neighborhood is just beyond unacceptable. Both police and tax payer money are being wasted for calls such as these. Absolutely despicable. 

Police initially arrested Cotly, but have since dropped all charges., Media Take Out confirmed.

A spokesperson for the Broward State Attorney’s Office revealed that the case was dismissed on Feb. 2 — after prosecutors said in documents they “would not be able to prove the elements of the charged crime with the facts that were presented.”

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