Plies Wants To Know Whether “Squirting” Is Pee?

Tiffany Brockworth |

Following Sukihana’s viral OnlyFans video, rapper Plies wants to know whether ladies’ bodily fluids when they squirt is pee or not.

“Right nah, we finna put it to bed. I need to muthaf-ckin’ know and I know not only do I need to know, I need to know for a lot of muthaf-ckin’ men in the muthaf-ckin’ country because I know they gotta be just as confused as me,” he said.

“Ladies, when a muthaf-ckin’ woman squirts, when a muthaf-ckin’ woman sends that sh-t out in the universe…is it piss or is it climax? I don’t want to hear none of this old sucker-ass sh-t, ‘It’s 20 percent piss.’ I don’t want to hear no sh-t like that. That’s just like right now…if I see a Mercedes, it’s a muthaf-ckin’ Mercedes or it’s not. Ain’t no, ‘It’s 20 percent Mercedes and it’s 80 percent Nissan.’ Which muthaf-ckin’ is it ladies? We finna settle this sh-t right now, once and muthaf-ckin’ for all. Is it piss or is it that muthaf-ckin’ excitement shooting up out of there?” he said.

Do any of y’all know the answer to Plies’ question?

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