Pleasure P Shares Hilarious Condom Story

Lyndon Abioye |

Pleasure P went viral this week after he told a story about a lost condom during an interview…

And the story is not what you would think. The singer says he once found a used condom inside a lady he was getting intimate with.

“I was having sex with a girl. She came to the crib, she was smelling really good. Everything was cool. We were actually hanging out at this spot before she came back to the crib. So she said, ‘I’m gonna go home and freshen up and I’m gonna come to your crib.’ I [had] been living here in L.A. at the time and she comes to my crib. Then we started kissing and we doing it. So I get my condom, I put it on and I’m going. We’re going, having sex. Okay cool. And the TV is on, so then it goes black for a second. You know, like when they’re changing over to something else,” he explains.

Pleasure P continued, “Then the light comes on and I look down and I seen the condom. So I’m thinking that my condom came off. I grab the condom to put it back on and I felt my condom was still on. So I was like, ‘Yo, what the f-ck?’ The condom had been stuck inside of her and the first thing I thought about was how long it had been stuck there. Yeah, it was disgusting. It was crazy. She was just like, ‘Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! My ex…when I went home, he was there. He was trying to have sex with me and I told him no.’ I didn’t even care at that point.”

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