Playboi Carti Cancels Antagonist Tour Again

Lyndon Abioye |

Playboi Carti has canceled his upcoming Antagonist Tour again without any explanation to the fans.

On the tour section of Carti’s website all of the cities and venues remain but dates have been removed and instead “TBD” have been put in their place.

Tickets purchased have been refunded to fans.

Fans reacted to the cancelation.

“can’t expect anything less with him, mf also cancelled a bunch of concerts late last year,” one fan wrote.

Some fans accused him of being a “fraud” and a “scammer.”

Adin Ross recently accused the rapper of scamming him after he promised him an interview and failed to deliver.

“I don’t think Carti 2 is happening anymore. I have a theory that Carti was just texting me to kind of just keep me in the position where I’m not gonna be on his bad side, where I’m on the internet talking crazy, if that makes sense…to get the heat off his name type sh-t,” he told his viewers.

Ross added, “I think I got played, but hey bro, it is what it is. Because I was texting his phone and he stopped answering out of nowhere. I have the warehouse footage. I’m about to just release it. I mean, once I get the confirmation that we’re not doing part two. Is that blackmail? I mean dude, I kind of got scammed, so I’m blackmailing a f-cking scam so you can’t blame me.”

Carti reportedly got paid $2 million.

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