Pics Of Female Rapper Ice Spice w/out Her Orphan Annie Wig . . . And Before Her BBL Surgery!!

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Female rapper Ice Spice is one of the biggest stars in the world of hip hop. She’s known for her great lyrics, her unique hair, and her very over-the-top body.

Well two of the three are artificial, Media Take Out has confirmed. It turns out that Ice Spice, real name Isis Gatson from the Bronx doesn’t have naturally curly red hair. It’s a wig.

And her body … well it’s not naturally as curvaceous as you’d imagine either.

We did a bit of digging, and managed to find a picture of Ice Spice from back in her college days, when she played Volleyball at SUNY-Purchase. Here’s what she looked like.


For contrast, this is what’s he looks like now:

Ice Spice is a female rapper who began rapping in 2021, and she rose to popularity with her 2022 single “Munch (Feelin’ U)”.

Isis Gaston was born in the Bronx, where she was raised on Fordham Road. Her father is a former rapper, and she is of Dominican and African-American heritage. She went to school in the Bronx until she was sent to a Catholic high school in Yonkers. At age seven, she took a liking to hip hop after listening to rappers like Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim.

Ice Spice started rapping in 2021 after meeting producer RIOTUSA, her classmate and the son of DJ Enuff, while the two were attending SUNY Purchase, where Ice Spice eventually dropped out.

He produced her debut song, “Bully”, released in March 2021. Her song “Name of Love” gained traction on SoundCloud, which led to her becoming popular on Instagram. Ice Spice’s song “Munch (Feelin’ U)”, released in August 2022 with a music video and produced by Riot, gained popularity after getting support from Drake, who played the song on his Sirius XM radio station, Sound 42. It subsequently went viral on Twitter and TikTok.

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