Philly ’Goons’ Trash Jamaican Restaurant … Caribbean Immigrant Community OUTRAGED!!

A popular Jamaican restaurant in Philadelphia was trashed, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage yesterday, Media Take Out has confirmed. And members of the Caribbean community are outraged by the action of a group of rowdy teenagers.

A video leaked yesterday, showing the chaotic moment when a large group of teenagers force themselves into a Philadelphia restaurant, and ransacked the place.

The incident happened on Saturday night at the Zion Cuisine restaurant, one of the most popular Jamaican spots in the city.

The Philadelphia Police Department is investigating the incident and released the video in hopes the public will recognize some of the youths. But the restaurant’s owner is afraid of going back to work in a neighborhood that she said is becoming more and more dangerous.

“We have done nothing to nobody except open a restaurant trying to make a living, as well as trying to provide a service. Nobody’s expecting that they’re going into business to get their place trashed,” she told the local media.

As seen in the video, the group flipped over tables and tossed chairs through the plexiglass security barrier. At one point, someone even threw a bicycle into the restaurant. Luckily no one was injured.

The incident happened even despite Philadelphia imposing a modified summer curfew last month specifically aimed at keeping minors safe and away from crime.

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