Peter Rosenberg Slams Kanye West’s “ChatGPT Apology”

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Peter Rosenberg says he doesn’t believe Kanye West’s Instagram apology to the Jewish community is for real.

Ye apologized over the Christmas holiday for his anti-semitic rants but Rosenberg thinks Ye was forced to apologize before clearing a sample on his album.

TMZ published an article claiming Ye’s apology was possibly written by AI. Rosenberg seems to think so too.

“I thought, ‘I wonder what the sample is that Kanye needs to try to clear before Friday’. We all know Kanye notoriously is late with handling album stuff. I just wonder whether there was something getting held up. And someone said, ‘Hey, this sample does not get cleared if he does not issue an apology.’ Like you guys said, he just goes on chat GPT and boom we get a quote apology,” said the Hot97 host.

He continued, “No part of me believes this apology. I totally agree by the way that the Hebrew part was like so, either intentionally or unintentionally, offensive. As if, like, American Jews can just read Hebrew without vowels. Like, bro, it’s just another offensive thing here.”

Ye is getting ready to drop his new album Vultures.

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