Patrisse Cullors (Founder Of Black Lives Matter) Wipes Instagram Clean, Turns Off Comments w. Possible Investigation Looming!

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Patrisse Cullors, the founder of Black Lives Matter, may be preparing for some bad news this year. Media Take Out learned that the woman who claims to have founded the movement has scrubbed her Instagram account and turned off comments.

All this, as the new Republican congress takes over the House of Representatives – and there is word that they plan on launching an investigation into Patrisse’s finances. (Here is the report)

Check out her IG page’s only 2 posts:

Patrisse claims to have created the the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag in 2013 and – before anyone questioned whether she was telling the truth – she copywrited the phrase.

Then Patrisse and her co-founders created a non-profit using the same name, when Black people all across Twitter began using the phrase “Black Lives Matter” to point out inequities in the United States following the murder of George Floyd. Most Black people had no knowledge of Patrisse or her organization at the time – and their posts were completely unrelated to her non-profit.

But corporations didn’t know that. Top companies across the world, looking to support the angered masses, donated millions to Patrisse’s non-profit – believing that they were supporting the millions of Black people on social media that were outraged.

In 2021, a controversy arose after word got out that Patrisse (or entities associated with her) purchased several homes during a five-year period. Critics accused her of using the Black Lives Matter movement to enrich herself and accused her of being hypocritical for purchasing the houses as someone who identifies as a “Marxist”.

Cullors denied any wrongdoing and defended her actions as an effort to take care of her family and described the criticism as an “effort to discredit and harass me and my family” by the political right.

On April 13, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation denied that it had paid for her purchases of real estate and said they had not paid her since 2019, adding that she had only received $120,000 since 2013 for carrying out her work related to the organization.

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