Pastor Challenges Uncle Murda To A Boxing Match After ‘Rap Up 2022’ Diss

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Bishop Lamor Whitehead challenged Uncle Murda to a boxing match after the rapper dissed him in his Rap Up 2022.

In his Rap Up, Uncle Murda rapped:

“Man, n-ggas ran up in the church like it’s a stickup/ It was only eight people in there when they robbed the Bishop,” Murda raps on the track. “When I heard about it, real talk, I burst out laughing/ God don’t like ugly, that’s why he let that sh-t happen/ He was out here scamming people in the name of God/ Feds came and locked him up, I know he was a fraud/ He be dressing like a rapper that sh-t ain’t even funny/ He be buying Louis and Gucci with them people money.”

The Bishop has denied the allegations of fraud against him and fired back at Murda:

“Let me just say this ya’ll, me and Uncle Murda ain’t got no beef, me and 50 ain’t got no beef… it’s all love. They rap, they do what they gotta do, however when I listened to the ‘Rap Up,’ I said, ‘Dang Uncle. Dang man, Uncle Murda man, I ain’t really like that. I’m from Brooklyn; if you’re friends with somebody and y’all have a disagreement, you put on the boxing gloves,” he said in the video.

“I love Uncle Murda, man, he’s always been cool. I just don’t like the ‘Rap Up.’ Let’s get in the ring, man. Let’s get in the ring.”

Should Uncle Murda accept the challenge?

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