Papoose Reportedly Knocked Out Battle Rapper … Allegedly Being ’Inappropriate’ w/ Remy Ma!!

Lyndon Abioye |

There’s drama going down in the world of hip hop artist Papoose and his gorgeous female rapper wife Remy Ma. Media take Out has learned that multiple reports say that Pap got into a physical altercation with Top Tier Battle Rapper Eazy Tha Block Captain

Easy also plays Rashad on the Bel-Air tv show reboot, Media Take Out confirmed.

So what happened? Sources tell Media Take Out that the two got into a heated exchange of words this weekend, backstage at Remy’s Chrome23 Event – and Papoose allegedly punched Easy in the face – and knocked him unconscious.

Papoose has been silent on the incident. Eazy went on social media yesterday, and came out with a statement denying anything happened. But despite Eazy’s claim, multiple people who attended the event claim otherwise.

Here’s one concertgoer explaining to the popular podcast Star what happened.

According to the eyewitness, she witnessed Papoose put Eazy The Block Captain to sleep last night.

The initial claim is that Pappoose was upset with the way that Easy was reportedly treating Remy.

But Twitter is starting some crazy rumors regarding a possible romantic relationship between Remy and Easy – to which there is absolutely NO evidence.

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