OT Genesis Explains How He Knocked Out Fellow Rapper DDG (Halle Bailey’s BF)

Rapper OT Genesis is speaking out about how he punched 19 year old rapper DDG in the face, and knocked him unconscious, Media Take Out has learned.

The incident occurred in 2020, but yesterday OT Genesis decided to speak on the issue during the No Jumper podcast.

According to OT Genesis, who has significant gang ties in Los Angeles, he “caught” DDG in his bedroom during a party. OT claims that he confronted DDG inside his bedroom, and when he didn’t get a good response, he knocked the teen rapper unconscious with a single punch.

Listen to his side of things:

Shortly after the podcast, DDG went on Love to explain his side of things.

DDG claims that, while at a party in OT Genesis home, and he asked security if he could use the bathroom inside the rapper’s bedroom, Media Take Out heard. DDG claims that all the other bathrooms were being used and he didn’t think it would be an issue, since the two rappers were supposedly friends.

DDG claims he was given permission and used the rest room. After he finished, OT came in to the bedroom, saw DDG and became upset. When DDG tried to explain that he was given permission to use the facilities from security, OT snuck him with a punch.


Overreaction on OT’s part or disrespect from DDG?

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