One Week After Getting MARRIED … Podcaster Adam 22’s Wife Gets SMASHED Out By Black Man

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Adam 22, the host of the popular No Jumper podcast got married to his longtime girlfriend Lena The Plug last week, in a ceremony in Italy.

He proudly posted video of the nuptials on Instagram, and the couple seemed very happy.

Well now that the honeymoon is over, Lena’s back to work. Media Take Out confirmed that Lena works as an ad*lt film star. And despite getting wife’d up by Adam, she still continues her job.

Over the weekend, Lena showed off the man that she’s starring in a new scene with – a very muscular Black man.


So how does Adam feel about his wife, getting plowed down on camera for money. Well, at first Adam seemed to be alright with it.

But in his most recent podcast, Adam expressed some reservations about having his new bride getting skewered by a 12 inch stick.


Adam makes an announcement
by u/cryptwalkin in NoJumper

Adam22 has come under fire by African American members of his staff, for allegedly “stealing: from African American culture – and depicting Black men as violent criminals.

Adam’s podcast gives a voice to active gang members, and Black and Latino men with violent pasts. He glamorizes criminal behavior according to many.

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