Omarion Accuses Mario’s Team Of Sabotaging His Sound At Verzuz

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Omarion lost the Verzuz against Mario and now weeks later, he’s accused Mario’s team of sabotaging his sound on stage.

“Mario’s people were representing the sound in the beginning. So, you know, there could have been some level of sabotage there,” said Omarion.

Mario heard Omarion’s remarks and shot back, “This man man! How can anyone sabotage you? [vocal] chords bro?!” He continued his rant, adding: “Stop smoking bruv! That’s the family! Some artists can’t! You not one of them.”

In an Instagram post, Omarion posted that he is unbothered with all of the drama while promoting an upcoming B2K documentary.

“Hey [world]. For too long I’ve felt misunderstood & manipulated by the games people play especially when accountability from others has been obsolete,” he started.

“I own my parts in the story-but do you? Respect is what I give to everyone & it’s what I deserve in return. Being unbothered doesn’t mean that you ignore your emotions or how you feel. Being unbothered means that you don’t give someone else your power & YOU decide how to respond instead of reacting. Reacting to everything is a disadvantage because it’s thoughtLESS and doesn’t serve you. Standing up for yourself during challenging times is essential to staying centered and maintaining your peace. O M E G A (which stands for the last) adding ‘the gift and the curse’ serves as insight into this incredible journey of Ups and downs. Stay tapped in & witness how deep it goes.”

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