Offset RESPONDS To Houston’s Jay Prince … ‘Don’t Speak On MY NAME’ … This Could Get Ugly

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Over the weekend, Houston music executive J Prince spoke out about online rumors suggesting that he may have been connected with the murder of Migos rapper, Takeoff.

J Prince

As Media Take Out reported, Takeoff was killed while at an event being hosted by J Prince and his associates in Houston.

A Houston man, Patrick Clark, 33, was arrested for allegedly shooting Takeoff. He has since been released on bail after an unspecified wealthy Houstonian paid the alleged killer’s bail.

Since the shooting, there have been a series of online reports, speculating that J Prince may have been either behind the shooting – or helping to cover up what exactly happened.

J Prince decided to set things straight in an interview this weekend. The Houston mogul told the interviewer that he was not in any way involved with the shooting. And he seemed upset over the speculation.

During the interview, J Prince also suggested that Offset was somehow involved in a campaign against him.

Shortly after the interview aired, Offset took to Instagram to tell J Prince to keep his name out of his mouth.

This could end badly …


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