O.T. Genasis Apologizes To Keyshia Cole On Stage

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Rapper O.T. Genasis apologized to singer Keyshia Cole onstage at a recent Los Angeles concert.

The Source reports that the West Coast rapper performed his hit sings, “Everybody Mad” and “Cut It” before apologizing for covering the singer’s 2005 song “Love” without her permission.

“We was kinda going at it at one point, and listen, it was me. I just want to sit here today, I want to tell you I apologize to you…”

“I did call you a Ninja Turtle,” Keyshia joked back.

“I want to tell you I’m sorry,. And when I met this woman, she is the sweetest, one of the greatest personalities, the greatest sense of humor, she’s really sent from God. She got a very, very, very good soul,” he continued.

Genasis was called out for the cover at the time and he clowned her disrespectfully on social media.

Keyshia accepted his apology, but in the comments, her sister Neffe reacted and is not over his disrespect.

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