NYC Rapper Fivio Foreign’s Baby Mama Suggests That He Might Be GAY! (Listen To Her STORY)

New York City rapper Fivio Foreign is going viral today, after his babys mama took to IG Live yesterday, claiming that she believes the rapper may be a secret downlow gay man, Media Take Out has learned.

Fivio and his babys mother have been on the outs recently, after the rapper significantly reduced his child support payments. And that has her furious, and telling all types of tales about the Brooklyn rapper.

And according to his babys mother, she believes that she has seen “signs” that Fivio may be a member of the LGBTQ+ clan.

What are the signs? Well according to her, when the couple was intimate – and talking dirty to one another – Fivio would allegedly say some odd things. MediaTake Out listened to the full video, where she said, “instead of saying this is my p***y, he would say this is my d**k.”

She added, “Maybe he was confused. I would say give me is my this d**k, and he would say it also. Maybe he was just accidentally.”

But the woman claimed that she asked some of her straight male friends if this was “normal” and they all said that it was unusual for a heterosexual man to say those things.

Fivio’s estranged ex also claims that she looked through the rapper’s search history, and she found “gay stuff” in his p*rn history.

So far Fivio has not responded to these claims. Media Take Out has not been able to independently verify the woman’s claims, but Twitter isn’t waiting for confirmation.

As of this morning, Fivio Foreign is the top trending story all across Twitter.

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