NY Rappers Catch The OPPS LACKING … Steal His Baby … Allegedly Throw Child In Garbage!! (Video)

Lyndon Abioye |

There’s a disturbing video going viral on social media. A group of New York young men, who call themselves rappers, are going viral after catching up to one of their “opps” and attacking him, while the enemy was walking his child.

According to online reports, seen by Media Take Out, the men are part of a street organization that produced multiple rap songs. The group has been going back and forth on social media, with another rival organization.

Over the weekend, reports say, the men ran into one of their opps – as the opp was taking a leisurely stroll with his toddler son. The streets say that the rappers confronted their opponents, and he began to run.

Eventually the rappers caught up with the opp and beat him up. But they weren’t finished.

Social media reports say that the rappers – to humiliate their rival – threw the toddler boy into the garbage can, and took photos of the child inside the trash.

Video and photos of the incident are going viral all across social media.

Media Take Out reached out to the NYPD for comment. So far, we didn’t receive any.

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