North Carolina PASTOR Dameyon Massey’s Downlow Gay ‘Friend’ … Leaks Explicit Tape! (Watch)

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A popular North Carolina minister is going viral today. Media Take Out learns that Apostle Dameyon L. Massey, of The Remnant Church Outreach Ministries in Eastover, North Carolina (7 miles Northeast of Fayetteville), recently got blasted online for allegedly having a down-low relationship with a gay man.

According to social media reports, Pastor Massey’s secret boyfriend, who is also a member of the church, recorded and exposed the Pastor in a video of them allegedly having an intimate moment.

The gay church member first leaked the video onto his SnapChat, an dit quickly began circulating throughout the church.

And the news gets even more juicier. The church member claims that the downlow pastor and his gay congregant have been involved and living together for some time.

And Pastor Massey’s exposure was pretty complete. Media Take Out learns that, in addition to the tape being leaked, there were also screenshots exposing Pastor Massey, a Chicago native, texting inappropriate things to his secret boyfriend – including plans for a secret rendezvous.

Since going viral for being outed, Pastor Massey has apologized for his actions and publicly repented.

In a new video the pastor told his followers:

“I came on here to be transparent. It’s as simple as this: I messed up. This has been a really hard few days, but I struggled. And the struggled didn’t just begin. The struggle has been a struggle, and the conviction has been great.”

The pastor continued:

“Many times people don’t know how to accept the struggle of a leader or the struggle of a pastor, and they take the human and the man out of the pastor, the bishop, the apostle, out of the prophet. I didn’t address what should have been addressed in my life.

You all seen it, I don’t have to recap it, you seen the video. But other people will paint a picture of you to be the worst person in the world because of a failure. But, I want to take my responsibility. That’s my public statement.

And I want to repent for God. I want to take off my title, and take off my hat and all the articulations of my duties and I want to repent to the people who God has entrusted in my hands.”

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