NLE Choppa Says He Will Never Make Music w/ Blueface Because He Beats Women!!

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NLE Choppa says he will not be getting in the booth with Blueface because the rapper puts his hands on women.

Both of Blueface’s baby mama’s, Jaidyn Alexis and Chrisean Rock have accused the rapper of being violent towards them.

“One thing that I’ve grown to understand is treat women the best way you can treat ’em. I can say, God watching me right now, I’ve never physically closed-fist assaulted a lady, never punched a woman, never smacked a woman. Never did any of those things,” he told The ShadeRoom. “So, when it comes to, would I do music with Blueface? Me, personally, I just wouldn’t do it because that’s the part I don’t respect. I don’t really respect people who just put their hands on women physically to assault them.”

Blueface is currently in jail after violating his probation. Since he has been in jail, Jaidyn has been spotted out with her girlfriend and Chrisean has moved back into his California home.

NLE Choppa recently beefed online after Blueface claimed Choppa’s baby mama gave him her phone number, which she denied. Blueface then dissed them both in a song.

“That’s to say if I wanna fight and we wanna box, I’m gonna do it the right way,” he added. “Like if we boxing I wanna make sure that we could get paper view sales I wanna make sure we can damn near do it in Vegas cause if we was to fight that’s a big moment.”

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